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Thank you for signing up as an Event Coordinator on FieldPost! This online platform is committed to improving the way your events are promoted, communicated, and viewed by the sportsman. It's about connecting the sportsman with your events! If you have any questions or comments, don't hesistate to contact us.  Please tell your members about FieldPost...we appreciate it!

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As an Event Coordinator

  • Post events with direct connection to the sportsman.
  • One platform to communicate all club events and activities.
  • Plan events with visibility to other scheduled events in your area.
  • Extend your club's reach with members and non-members alike.
  • Save time, effort, and expense promoting your events.


Organization Name

  • The Organization Name will display in the event box on all of your posted events.

Website or Facebook Address

  • Please be sure to enter the full address.
    • www.fieldpost.com
    • www.facebook.com/fieldpost/

Terms of Use

  • FieldPost is a national platform that promotes the outdoor community and connects the sportsman with experiences.  Please use it for its intended purpose...thank you!
  • Please read and accept the Terms of Use.


  • You must be logged in as a Coordinator in order to access your Dashboard, Profile and Post Events.


  • If you select POST EVENT and are not logged in as a Coordinator, the site will prompt you to login first and then will take you directly to the Post Event form.


  • My Account is found on the navigation bar once you LOGIN.
  • The dropdown provides access to your Dashboard and Profile.


  • The Dashboard displays all posted events that are scheduled in the future. Expired events are not accessible.
  • By hovering over the event you can either select 'edit' or 'delete'. If you have questions on editing an event, please see Post an Event Instructions.  Deleted events are not accessible.


  • All fields can be updated; however, be sure to Update before leaving the page.


  • If you are logged in and leave the site, you will remain logged in until your next visit.