Learn About Proposed 2022 Iowa Hunting and Trapping Regulation Changes with DNR's Todd Gosselink

Join the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Todd Gosselink as he hosts a public meeting to listen to the public’s thoughts on upcoming hunting and trapping regulation changes. This meeting is part of the process for making rules in state government. At the meeting DNR staff will facilitate a discussion about what went well last fall, what didn’t, and what changes hunters and trappers would like to see for this fall. This discussion, along with the data that the wildlife bureau collects on harvest and population numbers, will be used to develop recommendations for any rule changes. Any changes must be approved by the Natural Resource Commission and then go back to the public for further comment before taking effect. Admission to the program at 6:45 p.m. is FREE and open to the public! Doors open at 5:30, with an open bar and Dinner is available with service beginning at 6.

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