Second Annual Montgomery County Tx NWTF Banquet

The Award Winning Montgomery County Chapter of the NWTF will host its Second Annual Banquet on Thursday night, August 16th, 2018, at the Lone Star Convention Center, Bluebonnet Ballroom, in Conroe Texas.

Join us for a fun filled night of games and raffles, prizes and surprises! 

Featuring all you can eat fried Catfish, Shrimp, and Chicken, brought to you again by Catfish on Wheels, along with beverages.

We will have tons of items available to win on raffles, games, door prizes, silent and live auctions.

Our goal is to provide you with a lot of fun and excitement and for you to leave wanting more. We succeed when you go to work the next day and tell all of your friends what a great time they missed out on!

The NWTF was formed in 1973 to save the endangered turkey in the USA. Over the years they have succeeded in their initial goal and have started to focus on "Saving the Habitat" and "Saving the Hunt".

The wilderness and hunters in general are in decline in the United States.  Conservation dollars raised from hunting licenses and taxes on sporting goods are declining as the population of hunters dwindle.

It is our goal to open up more lands to hunters, enhance land already accessible, and introduce a whole new generation of hunters and outdoorsmen to this love we all share.  They are the future stewards of our wilderness.

Please join us, partake of some great food, share our camaraderie and support these efforts.

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